Electronically Filing a Form 1099 Correction at Year-End

You can file corrections made to a previously filed 1099.

Note: You can only e-file 1099 corrections if you e-filed your 1099s. If you printed and mailed your 1099s, you must print and mail your 1099 corrections as well.

How to File for an Additional 1099 after 1096 Is Sent In?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that taxpayers file Form 1099 information returns to report certain payments made to other U.S. taxpayers.

Form 1096, Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns, is filed with the IRS with all Forms 1099 and is used to summarize information on the Form 1099s. Occasionally, after remitting Form 1096 to the IRS, a taxpayer may determine that a payee was omitted when completing Form 1099s and it is necessary to report that additional payee to the IRS.

Complete the respective Form 1099 for the additional payee in the same manner as the previous Form 1099s. When filing a Form 1099 for an additional payee, you should not check the "corrected" box of Form 1099. The "corrected" box should only be checked if information initially filed on a form is incorrect.

E-Filing Additional Forms

If you need to e-file additional forms after e-filing an annual 1096 package, you must create and e-file those forms. You cannot modify the original filing.

When the additional 1099 information is transmitted, the 1096 information for the additional forms is included, and you do not need to submit an amendment for Form 1096.

Preparing and Electronically Filing a Form 1099 Correction

  1. Under Generate Reports, click the Period End Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Accounts Payable 1099s and 1096, then click Go.
  3. On the Reports tab, select 1099 Correction - Laser Printer or 1099 Correction - Laser (Blank Paper 4 Part Forms).
  4. To enter the beginning and ending date range for the information that you want to include in the 1099 totals, use Print Transactions From and to.
  5. To select report options, click the Setup tab.
  6. Enter Report Options, Vendor Options, and Selection Options. To learn more, see the Additional Field Information below.
  7. Click Tax E-File. If you have not yet create an account, the program prompts you to do so.
  8. To print the Validation Report, click Validation Report. We strongly suggest printing and reviewing this form to make any necessary corrections before transmitting.
  9. After reviewing the Validation Report and making any corrections, click Transmit File.
  10. The ACS E-Filing website opens in a new browser. Select the service you want to e-file, and then select the vendor you want to e-file.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Click Next to check out and electronically file your forms.

Form 1099 Additional Field Information

Detailed information that could be helpful for year-end.

Additional Field Information

Report Options

  • Sort by — To print 1099s in a particular order, select a sort option.
  • Fed Tax ID and State Tax ID — Verify your federal and state tax ID numbers. Boxes 17 and 18 must be completed before you can electronically file state 1099s.

Vendor Options

  • Include Inactive Vendors — To print 1099s for both inactive and active vendors, select this option.
  • Include 1099 Purchases Under $600 and Royalties Under $10 — To print 1099s for vendors with 1099 purchases that total less than $600 and royalties under $10, select this option.
  • Vendor Type — To filter by vendor type, select this option and click Select to choose the vendor types.

Selection Options

  • Vendor Code — To filter by vendor code, enter a range of vendor codes or click Lookup to select Vendor codes.
  • Vendor Name — To filter by vendor names, enter a range of vendor names or click Lookup to select Vendor names.
  • YTD Purchases — Enter a range of year-to-date purchase amounts as the filter.
  • YTD 1099 Purchases — a range of year-to-date 1099 purchase amounts as the filter.
  • Print 1096 — Click to select 1096 information for printing.