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Check-in Badges

Customize badges per group or class.

Suppose you want third graders' badges to include allergies, but that information isn't needed for tenth graders. You can select the information you want to appear on check-in badges and change the size of the printed lines. Once created, you can specify which badge templates to use for specific groups, ministry areas, or events when you set up or edit your kiosks.

First: Create a badge template

Second: Associate your template with a kiosk, ministry area, or group

Need a Badge for Each Group?

In addition to making a different badge for each ministry area or event, you can print a different badge layout for each group if you need that level of customization. You won't need a new kiosk for each group; just create a different badge template for each. Then, select the templates you tailored for them.

Example Badges

A badge with Security ID selected will also include security-coded receipts for guardians. Monitors can use them to match children with parents at pick-up time:

Examples of a child badge with name, contact person and phone number, allergies, location, and security code, and a parent badge with service, location, date and time, and matching security code.

If you only need a name and info badge, do not select Security ID on the Add New Badge Template pop-up.