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Upload People into MissionInsite

Uploading people defines your ministry area. This lets you see your ministry's reach and depth so you can connect and build relationships with members.

Before you can upload people data, make sure your data is properly formatted in an Excel or .csv format. Ministry partners using one of the following products can find detailed instructions for creating a export prior to uploading.

For others, use the best practices for exports listed in the ACS or PDS help articles below.

To learn more about uploading people, watch this video.

To upload people and use People Plot, you must be a church administrator. You can request access from your agency administrator.

  1. Log into MissionInsite with your username and password.
  2. If your organization has multiple studies, under Which Study Would You Like to Work With?, select your study’s name.
  3. In the User Assistant, under What Would You Like to Do?, click People Plot.
  4. Click Upload People, then Next.
  5. Select a Study and People Type, then click Next.
  6. Enter a Submitted By name and Email, then click Next.
  7. Under Text Attribute Mapping, update the Actual Codes for Member Status and Member By Means, if applicable. Click Next.
  8. Under Congregants (Default) Upload, click Choose File.
  9. Select the file, then click Open.
  10. Click Next.
  11. If your uploaded file contains any errors, those display. Open the file in Excel and correct any errors. After correcting the errors, click Previous, upload the file again, and click Next.