Record Group Attendance

Mark attendance for past events from the Events tab.

Marking attendance allows you to record which members are attending group events. You can mark attendance for an event on the Upcoming Events tab four hours before it begins.
  1. Locate the group.
  2. On the Events tab, click Upcoming Events and change it to Past Events.
  3. Next to the event, click the ellipsis icon then click Mark Attendance.
  4. Select the check box to the left of each group member who attended the meeting. If it is both an in-person and virtual meeting, select whether the group member attended in-person or virtually.
  5. Click Add Person to add new members or guests to the group roster.
  6. To search for a specific person, click the magnifying glass icon then begin entering the name of the person you want. The list filters automatically.

    The Other Category

    Individuals listed in the Other category (located at the bottom of the page) were added to the group after the event date for which you are recording attendance. If you mark them present, their date of admission to the group will be rolled back to this date, regardless of when you might have added them to the roster.