Keyword Descriptions

Keywords represent data you use throughout the program. You can add them on minister and mass records.

General Keywords

City/State Names

Cities/states, country codes, area codes, and Zip/Postal codes to use in address fields. The Default City/State you select is automatically inserted when you click or tab to a blank City/State field.


Specific classes or groups that ministers serve, like "Children" and "Blue Group". You can also use class names to filter ministry types.

Email Description Names

Types of emails ministers use, such as "Personal" and "Work".

Language Names

Languages spoken by ministers. For example: "English" for a single language household, and "Spanish/English" for a bilingual household where Spanish is the primary language.

Letter Types

Types of letters you send ministers. For example: "Birthday Greeting", "Home Visit", and "Final Reminder".

Ministry Names

Types of ministries, like "Altar Server", "Choir", and "Deacon".

Ministry Status Names

Statuses of a minister's involvement in a ministry. This can also identify needs, willingness to volunteer, or need for a reply. For example: "Actively Involved", "No Longer Involved", or "No Response". Select Yes to indicate that a status means a minister is currently involved, or select No if the status means a minister is not currently involved.

Phone Description Names

Types of phone numbers ministers use, like "Home" and "Cell".

Reason Away

Reasons a minister might not be able to serve. For example: "Vacation", "Sick", and "Retreat".

User Keywords

Under the User Keywords group, there are 4 User KW fields that you can customize. These can be anything you want to track that isn't already covered by a keyword or field.

Assign the name of the keyword, such as "Occupation", and set up the options you want in the keyword list. For example, under Occupation, you can enter "Accountant", "Secretary", "Doctor", and so on. By default, the first three User Keyword names are set up. You can change these even if you transferred data from an earlier version of PDS.