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11.0C Release

If you're part of the Preferred Client Program, you can download the latest desktop version in the Client Portal.

PDS DioOffice 11.0C, released for desktop 2-7-23 and OnDemand 3-2-23, offers the following enhancements.

New and Improved Features

Import Separate Parts of Zip/Postal Codes
  • When importing family information from a file, you may need to pull the last four digits of the Zip/Postal Code separately. We added a field where you can select that data from your file.

    The Import Family Information From a File dialog box showing the new field for "+4 Digits (if Separate)"

Balance Due on the Family Overview
  • We modified the Totals in the All Funds section of the Family Overview. Now, the Balance Due only includes amounts for the current period.

Postal Rate Changes
  • The USPS updated postal rates, effective January 22, 2023. These changes were made in your PDS program and released on Monday, January 23. Next time you run EZ-Mail, you'll receive a message that allows you to download the new postal forms. For details on the changes, see 2023 Postage Price Changes (USPS website).


We fixed several issues that were reported internally to our team, as well as the following issue that affected some of our customers:
  • Newly added funds were not always displaying in fund lists throughout the program. Now, if you have access to a fund, you'll see it anywhere that funds are listed.