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11.0B Release

If you're part of the Preferred Client Program, you can download the latest desktop version in the Client Portal.

PDS DioOffice 11.0B, releasing for desktop 12-14-22 and OnDemand 12-16-22, offers the following enhancements.

New and Improved Features

Scheduled Report Priority
  • When scheduling a report, you can now set a priority. If you have multiple reports scheduled for the same night, the priority determines the order in which they run.

  • A higher number means a higher priority. So, a report with a priority of 5 will run before a report with a priority of 1.

    Schedule Reports window showing a report with a Priority of 5, meaning it is most important for that day

Emailing from PDS using Gmail
  • If you use a Gmail account to send emails from your PDS program, you must set up an App Password with Google. This security feature, which is required by Google, ensures that your Gmail account is used safely. App Passwords do not expire on a regular basis, but if you change your Google password, you must set up a new App Password at that time.

  • We have a help topic with steps on setting up an app password, and we thought it would be helpful to link to that topic within PDS. That way, you can get to the steps you need, when you need them! In your Email Server Setup window, click Set Up an App Password for Gmail to open the help topic. You will only see this link if your server includes "gmail.com".

    Email & Text Setup window, on the Email Server Setup tab, showing the link labeled "Set Up an App Password for Gmail"


We fixed several issues that were reported internally to our team, as well as the following issue that affected some of our customers:
  • HTML emails that were created in Version 10 were not displaying after upgrading.