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Overview Dashboard

Profile records grouped in categories commonly requested by church leaders.


Permissions Required. While, typically, all users have access to the Overview dashboard, you must also have the Edit Group permission in order to see the Groups section of the dashboard and the View Giving Summary on Dashboard permission in order to see the Contributions section. See Responsibilities for more information.

In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Reporting > Dashboards. On the Overview tab, the Overview dashboard displays totals of individuals, age ranges, families, groups, and contributions. Under each category, you can click an item to view the details. You can customize your age range categories.

Dashboard numbers reflect only active accounts. For this reason, they might differ from totals displayed in other parts of Realm.

Overview Dashboard Field Descriptions

Some fields you'll encounter using the Overview dashboard.

People Who've Logged In
These are people who have set up a login password and have used your Realm site.
People Without Login
These are people you've added a record for, but who have never set up a login or signed in to the site.
Unanswered Invitations
These are people you've sent an email invitation to in order to set up a login and start using your site, but they haven't yet done so. This list does not include businesses, so it might not match the list on the Pending Invitations page.
New People (in the last 30 days)
This includes people whose records you've added as well as people who added themselves.
Users With Responsibilities
These are Realm users who have been added under Users & Permissions. Click Admins to view users who have been given the Administrator responsibility. Click Non-Admins to see users who have permission to view certain areas of Realm but are not administrators.
Possible Duplicates
These are the profiles Realm has determined contain enough similar information that they could be accidental, duplicate entries. Click the link to begin resolving the conflicts. For more, see Duplicate Profiles.
Unrecognized Addresses
These are profile addresses that have been flagged as possibly inaccurate or incorrectly formatted. For more about how Realm handles these, see Resolve Unrecognized Addresses.
This list of families and members is sorted alphabetically, based on the last name of the first primary family member. Additional family members are listed beneath that primary. The family positions you use are defined on the Family Positions tab of General Settings.
This list of family leaders is sorted alphabetically, with the first primaries of families listed first and any other primaries grouped directly beneath them. A first primary is determined based on the positions you defined on the Family Positions tab of General Settings.
First-time Givers (last 7 days)
These are people who have given for the first time during the last week, including the current date. For example, if the current date is 7/9/2021, the first-time givers will be anyone who gave for the first time between 7/2/2021 and 7/9/2021. This applies to both members giving online as well as gifts entered manually.
Total Scheduled Gifts
This is a total number of gifts that are currently scheduled or on hold. This report updates daily at 4PM ET, but it may take a few hours to complete.
Current Pledges
This is a total number of unfulfilled pledges for campaigns that are currently active.