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The MissionImpact Guide

Tom Bandy is an internationally recognized author, consultant, and leadership coach for Christian organizations and faith-based non-profits. He mentors and coaches diverse church and non-profit leaders for personal growth, program development, and organizational sustainability. Tom works with organizations on-site and online. He provides personal coaching for clergy and CEOs, and webinars for boards and ministry teams.The Mission Impact Guide, by Tom Bandy, is a concise summary of ministry applications for each of the 60+ lifestyle types described by Mosaic research. It is specifically designed for local church and denominational planning, and for the faith-based non-profit agencies that are accountable to them. The Mosaic description is provided for each lifestyle type, followed by the ministry applications:

  • Leadership

  • Hospitality

  • Education

  • Small Groups

  • Worship

  • Outreach

  • Facilities

  • Finances

  • Communication

The content for each of the Mosaic lifestyle and corresponding ministry filters was created by Tom Bandy using data collected by Experian for each of the segments. This included the Mosaic Grand Index and other documentation (probably about 80% of the suggested ministry filter applications), in conjunction with Tom Bandy’s personal consulting experience with churches and regional agencies for more than 30 years. Tom authored multiple books that informed not only the nine ministry filters, but several focused more deeply on Spiritual Leadership and Worship.

For more supporting information about The Mission Impact Guide, please refer to these books authored by Tom Bandy:

  • See, Know & Serve - The People Within Your Reach – Abingdon Press (Primary Reading supporting the Mission Impact Guide)
  • Worship Ways – For the People Within Your Reach – Abingdon Press
  • Spiritual Leadership – Why Leaders Lead and Who Seekers Follow – Abingdon Press