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Getting Started with MissionInsite

MissionInsite is an online demographic mapping database that helps organizations better understand their donors, prospects, members, volunteers and community. When you upload your data into the mapping engine, professional and lay leadership can uncover solutions to difficult challenges such as ministry development, propensity to give, mission boundaries, and more. To learn more, visit our website or review Evaluating MissionInsite?

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Local Church Users

Your Regional Agency Administrator has received an introductory Web Kit. Contact your Regional Agency Office to obtain your How to Register document or download it here. Please follow the instructions on the How to Register document to create your own User Name and Password used to login. You can also reference our Getting Started for Churches User Guide. To activate the PeoplePlot feature for your church, contact your Regional Agency Office, or email misupport@missioninsite.com and ask to designate at least one local church user as the church administrator.

Custom Map Generation & Printing Services

MissionInsite can provide your agency with custom maps. Options include PDF format maps and large format maps, printed, mounted and delivered to you. If you would like more information about our map generation services please call 877-230-3212.

Targeted Address Lists

MissionInsite can provide you with residential address lists for your community. These lists are generated inside the system and are based upon geographic shapes created by the user. Any geographic shape such as a radius, zip code or polygon may be used as the basis for an address list request. Address Lists have the option of multiple attribute selects/filters. Unlike other address list providers, our pricing of address lists is NOT affected by the number of filters selected. View or print a list of data attributes you can select. Purchase Address List is located on the Info Box after selection of any geography.

List prices start at $50.