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Evaluating MissionInsite?

This article is for those researching or evaluating MissionInsite as an option for their organization.

MissionInsite is a community analysis tool used by denominational offices, local churches, and non-profit organizations. It is powered by industry-recognized demographic data and supported by a team dedicated to helping you build deeper connections so that you can expand ministry options, develop missional generosity, revitalize churches, and increase ministry impact.

To learn more, visit our sales website, or browse our product documentation and training options. To schedule a demo, call 1-844-467-3256 or click here to have someone contact you.

Can you share references?

Yes! Please contact a sales representative at 1-844-467-3256.

Do you have client success stories or testimonials?

We sure do! Here are a few quotes, and we have more success stories to come.

"Every single church is unique because every congregation is different, and every geographic area is different. That's where MissionInsite comes in. It helps the congregation... get a glimpse of who's there and the potential for ministry in their area." - Jim Goddard, UMC Minister.

"We think we know who's around us. But we really don't until we begin looking at something like MissionInsite that has really effective tools to shed light on who our neighbor is. MissionInsite tells us that." - Maggie Corrigan, Business Administrator.

To read more, see the testimonials from the Gulf Central District of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church and Jim Goddard, UMC minister.