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Ten Key MissionInsite Ministry Applications

Determine ministry opportunities

You can discover ministry opportunities using tools built with MapBox.

Answer strategic ministry questions in your community

Have you wondered which neighborhoods in your community are growing? Are you curious about your community's diversity and wonder if your church/parish membership reflects your community's demographics? Do you know your church's/parish's financial support potential?

MissionInsite helps you answer those questions based on data, not perceptions. You can see if your membership and ministry truly reflect your community.

Understand population trends before they happen, with current demographic information

MissionInsite uses STI Pop Stats, a premier demographic forecaster, to monitor population trends.

We provide current information based on the United States census, current year population estimates, five year projections and ten year forecasts.

Make informed ministry decisions based on local religious preferences, practices, and beliefs

MissionInsite's MinistryInsite and ReligiousInsite Reports use data from the Quadrennium Project, a national survey of American religious preferences, practices, and beliefs. Quadrennium Project data is the only neighborhood-level religious information publicly available to churches/parishes.

You can discover religious trends, participation, media preferences, denominational affiliations, life concerns, and other information about your community.

Learn about households and lifestyle in your ministry area with Mosaic USA lifestyle segmentation by Experian

MissionInsite provides comprehensive lifestyle and household information from the Mosaic USA Global Segmentation System by Experian.

This data is updated annually and suggests ministry applications based on 71 distinct household types and their lifestyles, demographics, and concerns.

Target specific demographic variables with opportunity scans

Opportunity Scans help you analyze and identify regional, community, and neighborhood ministry potential, down to the block level. You can create maps and data tables with top ministry target areas for your church/parish or regional agency.

Plot congregants and analyze ministry opportunities

People Plot is a secure system for local churches to view church members and visitors on a map. You can then compare church households to neighborhood households using reports that include your congregation's estimated financial support potential.

MissionInsite analytical tools help you develop small group ministry, mission locations, and satellite ministries.

Create neighborhood thematic maps

You can create and print maps to visualize an area's projected growth, racial and ethnic groups, employment demographics, or Mosaic household types. Our maps use more than 76 demographic variables to display mission reality.

Create custom reports

Our custom reports, the Demographics Report and American Beliefs Study Data, provide insight into likely religious preferences, practices, beliefs, and media preferences.

You can choose only the information you want for these reports, so you can develop specific ministry strategies.

Accomplish essential tasks with the user assistant

The User Assistant provides quick access to People Plot, demographics reports, thematic maps, opportunity scans, and the neighbor center.

The User Assistant saves time when training new users and simplifies common tasks for longtime administrators. To access the User Assistant at any time, click Go To Assistants.