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Workbench and Classic Menus

ACS People and Financial Suites contain two main menus - the Workbench and Classic menus.

Workbench Menu

The Workbench menu approaches your ACS duties in a task-based format. On the Workbench menu, actions are grouped by task rather than module, and you can also add shortcuts to the areas of ACS that you use the most. You can access individual and family records easily under Manage Records.

We write all current help, troubleshooting, and training documents using the Workbench menu, so we encourage you to give it a try. Click the images below for some highlights of the Workbench menu.

To switch from Classic to the Workbench menu

  1. On the Utilities menu, click My Preferences.
  2. Under My Menu Style, select Workbench.

Classic Menu

The Classic menu is the original ACS for Windows menu style and groups actions by module. You can still use the Classic menu; however, the first few steps to access your tasks differ.

The images below show some highlights of the Classic menu.