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Updating the Chart of Accounts at Year-End

You can set up the chart of accounts for the new year.

In the chart of accounts, you can add new subheadings and move existing accounts to the new subheadings as long as the new subheading is still under the same major heading. You cannot move accounts to a different major heading. For example, you cannot move an account from Revenues to Assets. You can also renumber your accounts.

Before making any changes to your chart of accounts, ACS Technologies recommends that you summarize transactions, and back up your data, especially if you want to delete inactive accounts. You cannot change accounts with any posted activity.

Summarizing transactions removes all activity from the accounts for any years before the current year and the previous year. For example, if you closed the year 2016 in General Ledger and you summarize transactions, all transactions for years 2015 and before are summarized into a single transaction and the detail is removed.

Adding a New Subheading

ACS also provides arrows that you can use to move subheadings. For example, after adding a subheading, if you decide that you put it in the wrong place, you can use the arrows to move the subheading.
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Chart of Accounts tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Add/Edit Chart of Accounts and click Go .
  3. To select a different chart of accounts view, click Change View.
  4. Select the account heading view that you want to display, and click OK.
  5. Select the account heading to which you want to assign the subheading.
  6. To place a heading on the same level as the heading above it, click Add Heading.
  7. To place a heading as a subheading to the heading above it, click Add Subheading.
  8. Enter the Heading Name.
  9. Make the following optional selections:
    • Subtotal Heading — If you want to subtotal accounts under this subheading on reports, select this option.
    • Omit from Sources and Uses Reports — If you do not want accounts under this subheading to display on the Sources and Uses report, select this option.
    • Page Break on Heading — If you want to set a page break on account headings to keep accounts and their totals together, select this option. When selected, that heading and those accounts print on the next page.
  10. Click OK.

Moving an Account

  1. Under Manage Records, click the Chart of Accounts tab.
  2. Select Add/Edit Chart of Accounts in the drop-down list, and click Go .
  3. Select the Headings tab.
  4. Scroll to the heading where the account is located and highlight the heading.
  5. Select the account that you want to move and click Move Account.
  6. In the Move Account window, select the new heading for the account and click OK.