ACS Technologies Group, Inc., and its affiliates, their officers, directors, employees, or agents (collectively referred to as "ACST") creates software solutions to help churches, schools, and organizations fulfill their missions. You may be a visitor ("Visitor") to our websites ("Websites") or a customer ("Customer" or "Licensee") who purchased or is using our products and services (collectively, "Services").

We have a direct relationship with Customers that have created an account or a site with us and pay for our Services (e.g. denominational alliances, diocese, organizations, churches, parishes). These Customers may share licensed access to their account or site with authorized churches, organizations, or individuals. They are all considered our Customers, but we have different responsibilities to those with whom we have direct relationships. We'll specify when we're referring to particular kinds of Customers, otherwise we'll refer to "you" generally.

ACST selects well-known and respected industry leaders as third-parties to enhance our Services. Before engaging with a third-party for their services, we perform a risk assessment on them. We may also partner with some of them in revenue sharing agreements. ACST may purchase data from third-party companies that collect and aggregate data. Data resellers collect data from a variety of sources, including directly from consumers, through devices and browsers, news sources, and from other businesses and data brokers.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of third-parties that you may interact with while using our Services and Websites. By using our Services and Websites, you’re subject to ACST’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Likewise, by using or interacting with these third-parties, you’re also subject to their policies (provided below).

Third-partyUseAlso subject to these policies

Amazon Web Services® (AWS)

An online service that functions as an Infrastructure as a service (“IaaS”), a Platform as a service (“PaaS”), and Software as a service (“SaaS”), which allows ACST to scale services to the needs of our Customers.


An online calendar application that helps us schedule meetings or calls with Customers, more efficiently than emailing back and forth.

Constant Contact®

An email marketing service that is offered in some of our products.

DudaA professional website builder platform.

Experian™A consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services company.

Google Analytics™ service

A web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic and use in some ACST products.

Google Maps

Used in various ACST products to give directions and pinpoint addresses.

Google Play®

The Android platform where you can download ACST mobile apps.


The iOS platform where you can download ACST mobile apps.



Provides an interface where Support can remotely log in to a Customer's computer for assistance. Requires Customer's knowledge and authorization.


A marketing automation tool designed to improve your marketing strategy.

Nelco Solutions®

Integrates in various ACST products to provide compatible and compliant tax forms to our Customers.

Pendo.ioProvides insight into product usage, collects feedback, measures sentiment, helps to onboard users, and announces new features in the product.


Helps us to understand Customer behavior and preferences through analytics and data standardization.

Sumo Logic®

A cloud-based machine data analytics company that focuses on security, operations, and business intelligence use cases. It provides log management and analytic services.

Survey Monkey®

Online surveys to give insight into Customer needs and satisfaction.


Payroll software used to determine correct tax calculations based on an individual’s geolocation.


Provides interactive data visualization that helps you understand your data.

Thought Industries®

A white-label online learning service designed to accelerate Customer learning.

Trend Micro

A network defense and user protection cybersecurity platform.


Provides communication API service for SMS, voice, video, and authentication. ACST uses their SMS services.

Vanco Payment Solutions®

A Level I PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant merchant provider that processes online giving transactions for our Customers.

Verified First

Conducts background checks for churches using some of our products.


A customizable video hosting service that allows you to embed ad-free, custom players.