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Our Top Priority

At ACS Technologies, our products and services have always been centered on you, our Customers. You are the reason we build our software solutions.

We consider ACST to be the custodian of all personal data that is entered into our products and services, including church, congregant, and visitor data (collectively "Customer Data"). ACST does not own any Customer Data and therefore, has no right to resell it. We do not sell Customer Data nor do we approve of the practice of selling personal information to any entity.

ACST has strong information security practices in place to protect Customer Data, including:

  • Staff members devoted to operations to detect and thwart cyber intrusions.

  • Annual cyber-security training and random social engineering tests to increase awareness for all ACST employees.

  • A layered technology solution with physical, technical, and administrative controls to reduce the risk of data breach.

  • Compliance as a PCI DSS Level 1 service provider.

In addition to formal policies and software service agreements, we strive to keep you informed of industry best practices and how to safeguard your ministry operations against the latest scams and social engineering tactics.

With these things in mind, this Privacy and Security Center is your resource for information on these topics, including how ACST and our trusted partners collect and use your information.

How We Use your Personal Information

How Our Business Partners Use Your Information

ACST selects well-respected industry leaders as third-parties. We conduct risk assessments on third-parties before engaging with them and require them to use any personal information that is made available to them, for the purpose it was provided to them. We may also partner with some of them in revenue sharing agreements.

To improve user experience with our Services, our third-parties may use cookies to collect personal data that help to identify those using our Services (e.g. Site number, identification number, mailing address, email address, and other personal characteristics). Their privacy policies and/or terms of service can be found here.

How We Store and Recover Data for Web-Based Services

We're able to take elaborate measures to ensure we can recover and protect your data from many scenarios.

  • We back up data regularly and synchronize this data to our offsite disaster recovery location.
  • We back up your entire database using multiple methods to increase the security and availability of your data.
  • All the data you enter and leave in your ACST Web-based product is backed up.
  • We encrypt and store all backups in redundant locations and have access to your data backed up for a maximum of six months. This means that if you removed data 7 months ago, that data will not be available in a backup.
  • Customers who use Higher Ground for hosting services keep two months of full data retention with an additional three weeks of retention with regard to specific database backups.