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Two-Step Verification FAQ

Why do I have to identify myself in multiple ways to login?

Social engineers (a.k.a. scammers) have highly sophisticated ways to guess your password and gain unauthorized access to your account. People invariably use passwords that are easy to guess, are used on multiple sites, or they change only the last character for each login. A username and password alone is no longer an adequate protection to access your sensitive and valuable information. Together with phishing attempts and other tactics, they can collect details about your life and build a very informative profile about you.

Why is two-step verification important?

Two-step verification, also called multi-factor authentication (MFA), requires you to provide multiple pieces of information about yourself to login, and makes it more difficult for someone else to assume your identity. A two-step login is a trust and security feature that typically requires you to present a combination of two or more of the following:

What are the benefits of two-step verification and SSO together?

Two-step verification adds a layer of security that makes Single Sign On (SSO) a more plausible and reliable way to login to connected systems. Once your identity is verified through two-step verification, it allows us to apply SSO and improve your user experience. With SSO, we can link multiple ACST systems together, but you only have to login once.