January 12, 2022

View enhancements and corrections released on January 12, 2022.

Canadian Tax Statements

Apply a custom query to a tax statement. Create a custom query and apply it to specify who receives a tax statement.


Select whether to include inactive groups in reports. You can now more easily select to include inactive groups when you run the following reports:
  • Roster
  • Roster Totals
  • Attendance
  • Marking Sheet
  • Roster Sign-In Sheet
If you include inactive groups in your report, those groups will now display with an "inactive" label next to the ministry area or group name.

iOS Apps

Provide feedback using iOS apps. Now both the Shepherd and Connect apps have an enhanced experience to provide feedback. The Shepherd app also asks for App Store ratings once every 60 days.


Copy notes from a pathway to a profile. When adding a new note to a pathway step, you can copy it to either public or private notes on the relevant profile.

Example of adding a note on a pathway step and selecting Copy To Profile; then, the note displays on the person's profile