January 26, 2022

View enhancements and corrections released on January 26, 2022.

Refresh Websites

Introducing Refresh Websites integration - where you can build and publish your own church website with Realm. If you already have a website through Refresh Websites, you can now manage your website and add users within Realm to help build it.

Create and customize your church website. Pick from many pre-made templates and customize your site using drag-and-drop content made to put website design in your hands.

Add Realm widgets to your website. Realm-specific widgets, such as groups, events and giving, always match the data within Realm. This means if you add a widget for an event to your website, and later make changes to that event, the widget automatically displays the updated information without you having to make additional changes to your website!

Assign website users. You can assign individuals to be website administrators and editors. This gives others permissions to help build and manage your website.

Publish your website from Realm. Once you’ve designed your website, you can publish it live so that visitors can see it. Your website will need a domain in order to publish. Whether you already own a domain or not, we can assist in setting up a domain for you.


Check out the new Realm Inbox redesign! We’ve improved how the Inbox looks and works, including:

  • Improved layout for the Inbox page, as well as individual messages and replies

  • Navigation buttons to move between Inbox messages

  • Improved notification icons in the Community menu

Manage Inbox messages in bulk. You can now select multiple messages to mark them as read or to send them to the archive. You can also manage all messages by selecting the box in the top left corner of the message list.


Sign up for a Realm account. For churches using the invitation-only (closed) model, individuals can now send a request to create a new Realm account.

Approve or decline new Realm account sign ups. You can now see when there are new Realm account sign ups on the Task page. From there, you can approve or decline the individual account sign up requests.

iOS and Android Connect App

Improvements for iPad users. The next iOS app update improves the Connect app experience on the iPad.

Inbox redesign and features. The new inbox redesign is coming with the next iOS and Android update. We’ve made it easier to view notifications, messages, and replies in the Inbox. You can also now mark multiple Inbox messages as read, or send multiple messages to the archive.