Pathways Customer Success Story

This is a short story about how Black Rock Congregational Church used Pathways to successfully track a multi-step screening and training process for volunteers.

Black Rock Congregational Church

Black Rock Congregational Church puts all of their volunteers through a multi-step screening and training process that includes background checks, training classes, and so on—each its own step on a pathway. Director of Volunteers, Pauline Santos, told us how they use Realm Pathways to help.


"I would have anybody... saying 'I need to add this person to our team, so please put them through the process'. And it gets complicated, as you guys know, to follow up.

So no matter where people would be signing up to serve, they would all go into the same pathway. And, that way, if somebody on our staff ever wants to find out if they added that person or not... they have access to it.

I can assign a team leader to follow up with somebody if they begin the process and are all of the sudden unresponsive."


"Would you say Pathways has cut down on your work and the confusion?"


"Oh yes, it has definitely worked.

Before, I was trying to keep everything on a Google sheet. I wanted one place where everyone could figure out where somebody was in the process, so Pathways kind of revolutionized that for us. Every single step that I had on my Google sheet, I put into pathways.

Now, let's say... you dropped 5 people in my pathway two weeks ago. You can go in and know exactly where somebody is and know what's holding them back. Which was my goal—to try to get everybody on one page and be able to check it regardless of my availability... You don't need to wait."

Thanks for talking to us, Pauline. You're doing an amazing job!