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Program-Specific Videos

Learn how to do different tasks in each program.

Church Office, Formation Office, and DioOffice

Reminders, Birthdays, & Anniversaries

Learn how to set public and private reminders to display in PDS, see a list of member birthdays and anniversaries, and print related letters.

8 min 13 sec

Formation Office

Set Up Student Progress in Formation Office

Learn to set up student progress definitions.

4 min 48 sec

Post Class Exception Dates in Formation Office

Learn to set exception dates for all applicable classes at one time.

4 min 57 sec

Post Student Progress in Formation Office

Learn to post marks to a group of student records.

4 min 5 sec

Formation Student Progress at Year End

Learn about student progress (grades) during the End of Year process.

4 min 56 sec

Print Student Progress Report Cards in Formation Office

Learn to print student progress report cards.

4 min 49 sec


Ledger Drill-down Modifications in Advanced Report Writer

Learn how to copy and modify the Drill-Down Report in PDS Ledger in order to add transaction notes.

13 min 21 sec

Facility Scheduler

Group Facilities

Learn how to set up and schedule a group of facilities, and learn why you might use one.

5 min 14 sec

Schedule Simple Events

Learn about simple event scheduling with two real-life examples.

8 min 21 sec