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PDS Video Library

Learn how to do certain tasks in PDS.

Hear it directly from an expert! In each video, someone from our PDS team guides you through a task. Use the navigation menu to view the areas you're most interested in.

  • Reports & Selections – Learn about how to run common reports, build and review your report selections, and use the Advanced Report Writer to create complex reports.

  • Records & Files – Learn about changing Head and Spouse terms, adding an activity in a fund, saving a file in OnDemand, and sorting/filtering/exporting the Listing Screen.

  • Abundant eGiving – Learn about our eGiving solution and its administrative features, as well as how to get started, customize giving forms, and import contributions.

  • Data Cleanup – Learn about cleaning up your data, deleting unused keywords, and tidying up keyword lists, including names, addresses, celebrants, cities/states, and sacrament places.

  • Tips & Tricks – Learn about ways to make your program easier to use by changing font size, quickly editing dates and remarks, saving and logging changes, defining user checkboxes, adding user keywords, correcting and deleting batches, and reprinting a batch report.

  • Program-Specific Videos – We have a few videos that show tasks in specific PDS programs, including Church Office, Formation Office, DioOffice, Ledger/Payroll, and Facility Scheduler.

Our team is always considering new video topics that will be helpful to you, and we create videos as we have time. Let us know what you'd like to see next! Enter an enhancement request to tell us which topics and tasks we should cover.

When new videos are available, we'll announce it via the PDS News that displays when you open your program. You can also bookmark these Help Center pages and check back for more!