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Carry Forward Balances and Prepayments

CAUTION: This process alters data. We recommend backing up your data before proceeding.
CAUTION: All other users must exit the program before you continue.
You can transfer balances, over-payments, prepayments, and precharges from one fund period to the next. You can also:
  • Carry forward balances from last year
  • Carry forward over-payments from last year
  • Carry forward payments made last year
  • Carry forward charges assigned last year
  • Process funds at the same time
  1. On the Information tab, click Tuition & Fees > Processes > Carry Forward Balances and Prepayments.
  2. Select the fund and the fund group(s) you want to carry forward.
    Tip: Before continuing, you can print a worksheet for each fund that summarizes the fund activities, balances, prepayments, and precharges.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select the old fund period, and make your transfer selections. When selecting activity names for each group title, refer to your printed worksheet.
  5. To proceed, click Next.
  6. To post the information, click Finish.