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Plan User Names and Passwords

Before setting up users and passwords, you can print the User Access and Privileges form for each person in your organization. On the Administration tab, click Users & Passwords > Print Worksheet.

While planning, consider the following points:
  • Although it isn't required, we recommend having more than one user as a security administrator. Security administrators should have a security setting of All Access to all program areas.
  • A user who's also a security administrator has the authority to assign, edit, and delete other users and their access privileges.
  • Users need a security setting of All Access or View Only Access to the Users and Passwords area in order to change their user name, password, or phone number, or user preferences. If they don't have access to this window, a security administrator must change the information for them. Allowing access to this window only lets them change their own information. They cannot see other users.
  • A user with All Access to the Users and Passwords area can't open the Access and Privileges window unless they are also a security administrator.
  • A security administrator can make changes to information in any User Detail window.