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View Form Submissions

See data submitted on a form and every action taken in your ChMS and Growth Method.

  • You must be a Growth Method administrator or an Online Form Admin or Worker to do this.
Reviewing information submitted on forms can be very important. For example, if a congregant submits a prayer request form, you can view the form submission to read what your congregant wants you to pray about for them, why they need your prayers, and whether or not they want you to contact them regarding the prayer request.
  1. Click Online Forms > Forms.
  2. Click the form whose submissions you want to view.
    You are taken to the form's page, which displays the form's name and URL, the dashboard that provides running stats, and Audit Cards.
  3. Optional: Select a date range for all the form's stats and information using the date range drop-down list at the top right.
  4. Click View Submission.
  5. When finished, click Done to exit the submission or Next Card to view the next submission.