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Resolve Batch Discrepancies

Resolve batch discrepancies to ensure all the information from your form submissions is updated and correct.

  • You must be a Growth Method administrator or an Online Form Admin or Worker to do this.
Ensure all the information uploaded from Growth Method to your ChMS is accurate. The batch discrepancy screen shows:
  • The error, or reason for the discrepancy
  • The original form submission
  • The actions you can take to resolve the discrepancy
  1. Click Online Forms > Forms.
  2. Click on the form whose batch discrepancies you want to resolve.
  3. Click Discrepancies.
  4. Resolve the discrepancy.
    1. For a Multiple People Matched discrepancy, click Select to select the existing person from your ChMS or click New Personcreate a new person.
  5. Click Confirm to resolve the discrepancy.