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ACS Release Notes

Released May 17, 2022

ACS includes the following enhancements and corrections.

Updated Constant Contact API

We've updated to the latest version of Constant Contact's API.

With this update, you'll need to give ACS Technologies permission to log into Constant Contact through an encrypted key. In addition, you'll no longer be able to enter and store your password inside Constant Contact.

Tax Update

We've updated state taxes for Alabama.


  • When trying to update small groups in Group Setup or Access ACS Sync, SQL and Table Does Not Exist errors displayed.

  • When adding and saving activity groups in OnDemand, Dbisam engine error #11949SQL paring error - Explected Expression but instead found ) in INSERT SQL statement at line 28, column1 displayed.
  • When mass changing records, An error occurred in the application Access violation at address 02602fFE in module 'ACSPE.exe' Read of address FFFFFFFE displayed.