ACS Release Notes

Released April 12, 2022

ACS includes the following enhancements and corrections.

Updated Form 941

We've updated Form 941 to meet the latest requirements from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

State Tax Changes

We've updated state tax tables for Maryland and Utah.

Printing Bank Reconciliations

We've made it easier for you to print prior reconciliations in General Ledger. To print completed reconciliations, click Reprint Prior Reconciliation Reports.

You can still print the current reconciliation report, but do not change the State Date, as that may affect your current reconciliation.

Marking Online Attendance

If your classes are hybrid or fully virtual, you can now mark attendance with an O for Online. The total number of online attendees displays in Attendance Inquiry.

ACS counts online attendees as present in the Total Present and Times Present fields. If you mark communion, those individuals are included in the Total Present column.

On the Absentee, Individual Attendance Detail, and Individual Attendance Summary reports, the Total Present and Total Online display in two columns.

Before you can mark online attendance, you must select Mark Online in your group's Master Settings. If your class is hybrid, you can still mark in-person attendance.

Online attendees are considered present, and you can still use P for Present (in person) and A for Absent.


We corrected these issues that some clients experienced:

  • When signing up for a Verified First account for background checks, several clients received an error that they were not signed up for eBilling payment processing, even when they were enrolled.

  • When entering Accounts Receivable invoices using the auto-assign next invoice feature, all invoices had the same invoice number.
  • When OnDemand clients posted Contributions to General Ledger, the transactions posted twice. One entry displayed the General Ledger distribution lines and the other entry was missing the distribution lines.
  • When importing a prepared budget into General Ledger, negative numbers displayed as positive numbers, and clients had to manually change them after importing.
  • An incorrect due date displayed on the Parochial Report.
  • A vendor rejected ACSW Fulfillment Service Files because the Vanco number produced a carriage return.