ACS Release Notes

Released July 19, 2022

ACS includes the following enhancements.

Updated Form 941

We've updated Form 941 to meet the latest requirements from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

State Tax Changes

We've updated state tax tables for Idaho.

General Ledger ACH Setup

When creating an ACH file for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, or Payroll, Company Discretionary Data now displays.

Before creating an ACH file, navigate to Define Lists > General Ledger. Click on Add/Edit Bank Accounts > ACH Setup, then enter the number in the Company Discretionary Data field.

This field is 20 characters. If your bank's number is fewer than 20 characters, you may need to add zeros before the number. Chase bank account holders must add these zeros.

After you enter this number, it displays in your ACH file.

Organizations Reports

When generating Staff/Organizations reports, the Print Phone option is now Print Preferred Phone. If you don't select this option, the home phone prints on the report.

In addition, if you add special fields to a report, you can now add the Preferred Phone and Preferred E-mail.

This update affects the following reports:

  • Staff Names and Special Fields

  • Listing of Primary Contacts

  • Staff Mailing Directory

  • Organization/Staff Directory

  • Staff Mailing Records.This report adheres to the Staff Mail To settings on the Staff tab. If you select Position Organization, the organization's phone prints. If you select Individual Address, the preferred phone prints.