May 18, 2022

View enhancements and corrections released on May 18, 2022.

Parent/Guardian Oversight

We’re happy to introduce Parent/Guardian Oversight, a set of features that help parents and guardians stay informed of communications sent to their children from Realm. In this release, you can assign parents and guardians to a child’s profile, which gives them access to see email communications sent to their children.

Assign parent and guardian contacts to children. You can now set individuals to be the parent or guardian contact on a child’s profile.

Send parents and guardians a copy of the emails that you send to their children. Whenever you send a child an email from within Realm, you’ll see a notification that their parents and guardians will also automatically receive a copy of that email. This includes emails sent from groups, pathways, registration events, and queries.

Manage parent and guardian emails. Parents and guardians can choose to opt out of receiving emails for specific children by clicking an unsubscribe link within an email they’ve already received.


Updated the Profile Alert permission. Now when you give a user the Profile Alert permission, this only allows the user to see the profile alert on a profile. Before this update, a user with this permission was able to add and edit profiles too, however, now these permissions are separated.

Volunteer Management

Create serving times without an ending date. When you create or edit a repeating serving time on a volunteer schedule, you can now select for it to have No end date. If you later need to extend the end date of the schedule, serving times without an end date will automatically fill the new date range you select.