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July 13, 2022

View enhancements and corrections released on July 13, 2022.

Text Messaging

Earlier this year, mobile carriers made regulatory changes to texting on mobile devices. To align with these best practices, we’ve made changes to how texting works with groups and teams. Text giving is not affected by these changes.

  • You now have your own unique texting number

  • Realm will send a new welcome text to let individuals know that texts from this new number are coming from your church

  • When group and team leaders send a text, it now indicates the name of the group or team and the individual who sent it

  • Every thirty days, individuals will receive an opt out option included with a text message

In most cases, the area code of your texting number should match your local area code. However, if it does not, this is because your area code was not available.

View your texting number. To view your texting number, go to Settings > Text Messaging and click the Edit Settings button. Your number is located in the top right corner of the Edit Text Messaging Settings page.

Pause your texting subscription. On the Edit Text Messaging Settings page, you can also pause your texting subscription. When the subscription is paused, individuals can’t send additional texts until you choose to activate it again. However, you will keep the unique number assigned to you. You can pause and reactivate your subscription at any time.

Screen shot showing the pause feature and text messaging number on the Edit Text Message Settings page

Pausing is different from canceling your text subscription. When you cancel, your number is released at the end of the month. If you change your mind before the end of the month, you can keep your unique number. However, if you wait until after the number is released to reactivate texting, a new number must be assigned to you.

Realm Shepherd App

Filter the profile list. With the newest app update, you can filter inactive and deceased individuals on the profile list.

Coming Soon

Realm is getting a new look! By now, you've probably heard about the changes coming to the look and feel of Realm. We've gotten great feedback and questions from lots of you and are taking those into consideration.

To ask questions in person (virtually, that is), register for the webinar on July 21 at 11:00 AM EDT. If you can't make it to that one, we answered many questions in our last webinar. You can watch the recording at any time.

Also, try out our demo page to see the new look for yourself. Click Realm's New Look at the bottom of the menu in your Realm site.