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Payroll Reports

Need an explanation of what your reports will look like? Here's a list of descriptions for the payroll reports you'll print.

Time Entry Report
To ensure all timesheets are correct, this lists your employees' hours, overtime hours, and time off. Group this by department, pay schedule, or type to provide totals for each. Salaried and hourly totals are also provided.
Payroll Run Report
A general report of your payroll run's cost and tax liability, this prints a list of all employees who belong to the current timesheet group. Pay, additions, taxes, deductions, and employer contributions display for all employees, as well as their totals for the current pay period and the year up to this point.
  • Print Totals Only prints a combined total of all employees' pay, additions, taxes, and deductions. Only employee totals that are part of the current timesheet group will print.
Payroll Transaction List
This lists all general ledger accounts used for payroll per employee and provides a summary total of all accounts. Segments associated with an employee's job are used. Taxes and adjustments are split equally between jobs for employees who work more than one. You can use this as a preview of how your checks will post to the general ledger.
  • Print Totals Only prints a combined total of all accounts used for payroll without including individual employee information.
Payroll Check Register
This is a record of all employee checks for the current timesheet group and their amounts. If your bank accepts them, you can print a .csv copy of your check register to compare your checks with those that clear. This report will print in the order in which your employees' checks originally printed.
Overflow Check Report
Only when employees have more detail than you can print on a single check stub does an overflow check report generate. This lists any additional items and can be given to an employee along with his or her check.
Payroll Liability Report
This lists any tax withholding, deduction, or employer contribution amount for a specific time period. This includes the taxable wage used for calculating taxes.