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10.2B Release

If you're part of the Preferred Client Program, you can download the latest desktop version in the Client Portal.

PDS Formation Office 10.2B, released for desktop 6-14-22 and OnDemand 6-23-22, offers the following enhancements.

New and Improved Features

Inactive Members on Overviews
  • The names of inactive members now display in red text on the Overview windows. This way, you can quickly identify any inactive members.


We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:
  • Under certain circumstances, if you included payments in an online registration form and set up a fee based on grade, the fee was not being calculated into the total payment for the family.
  • If you use Abundant for eGiving and clicked Manage Abundant Account in the program, an error was displaying.
  • When posting sacrament dates, an error was displaying if you used a date format other than MM/DD/YYYY.