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Filter and View Neighbors

In Neighbor Center, you can view neighbors within a target area and filter neighbors based on attributes.

Neighborhood Center attributes include marital status, head of household age, children present in household, Mosaic codes and groups, and more.

You must have access to Neighbor Center. You can request it from your agency administrator.

  1. In the User Assistant, under What Would You Like to Do?, click Neighbor Center.
  2. Enter the Address for your neighbor search, then click Next.
  3. Select the attributes for your search, then click Next. To view more attributes, click Show All.
  4. To color code your legend by attribute, select the attribute in the Legend By drop-down list, then click Next.
  5. Your study, geography options, and neighbor attribute selections display. To view your map with neighbors, click Finish.

When your map displays, you can zoom in and out or click on a household to view more details.