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HeadMaster Release Notes

Released May 18, 2023

HeadMaster includes the following enhancements:

Introducing MySchoolWorx

We've partnered with MySchoolWorx, an award-winning, modern class management solution comparable to HeadMaster School, and we'll work together to ensure a successful transition in time for the 2023-2024 school year.

MySchoolWorx offers HeadMaster School ministry partners data transfer, setup, support, training, an app for parents, and special promotional pricing.
Note: Clients who use HeadMaster Childcare do not need to migrate, as we will continue to support this solution.

MySchoolWorx Export

If your school is migrating to MySchoolWorx, you can now export your HeadMaster data and email the file to them. After emailing the file, you'll be onboarded within 7-10 days.

When you email the file, be sure to include the school's name, administrator's name, and administrator's contact information in the email body.

The MySchoolWorx Export is located in Database Utilities. To access it, click HM Utilities on your desktop or within ACS OnDemand.