Updating Wage Information for a Salary Employee

Update employee wage information at year-end in ACS.

You can update wage information for salaried employees.
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Records tab, then select Add/Edit Employees in the drop-down list, and click Go .
  2. Select the employee and click Edit.
  3. On the Pay tab, in the Annual field, enter the total dollar amount of the employee's yearly salary and press ENTER.
  4. Continue pressing ENTER until the Gross field in the Pay Type window is highlighted.
  5. Enter the total gross pay per pay period, and click OK.
  6. If the employee is paid from more than one pay type or cost center, highlight the next pay line and repeat step #5.
  7. Click OK again.
  8. If you have saved time sheet batches, a message displays asking if you want to update saved payroll batch records. Click Yes.
  9. Click in the Gross field and enter the new dollar amount that the employee is paid per pay period.
  10. Click OK.