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FAQs - churchlife.mobi

Church Life is linked to your church website login credentials.

Changing your email address or password

To change your e-mail address or password, you must log in on your church's login page.

To change an email address or password

  1. Navigate to your church's login page and log in.

  2. Point to Home, then click My Account.

  3. Click the Account Settings tab.

  4. For E-mail, click Change. Enter your new E-mail address and Password. Click Save.

  5. For Password, click Change. Enter your Current Password and New Password.

  6. In the Confirm New Password field, enter your new password and click Save.

You can perform a search on first name, last name, nickname, and first and last name. Searches are not case sensitive. You can also search for partial names. For example, searching for 'jam' returns James Aaron and Eric Jamison.

If you've recently moved, you may need to update your phone number or physical address.

Updating your information

To update your information

  1. In Church Life, tap the menu, then tap People.

  2. In the Search field, enter a portion of your name or your full name. When the results display, tap your name.

  3. At the top, tap Edit.

  4. Add, update, or delete the contact information you want to change.

When your church administrator approves the change, it displays.

Missing information or features?

Depending on what your church wants you to use or see, you may not be able to use or view all features in Church Life.

If you are unable to:

  • See the church directory - you may not have the appropriate rights. The records and information you can view in Church Life are based on your menu options and user rights.

  • See calendar events - your church administrator controls which calendar events are shared.

  • Give tithes and offerings or register for events online – your church may not have initiated online giving or event registration in Church Life.

If you want to see a feature or feel your security rights should be changed, contact your church office.