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Church Life

As of November 1, 2022, the Church Life app is no longer available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

If you've installed Church Life on your mobile device, you may continue to use it. However, you cannot download the app on a new device.

For staff or congregants new to Access ACS, or if you purchase a new device, you can use the churchlife.mobi web portal. churchlife.mobi is a responsive website with the same look and feel as the Church Life app. You can open churchlife.mobi in your device's browser and add a link to churchlife.mobi on the Home screen, much like an app.

Welcome to churchlife.mobi

To learn more about churchlife.mobi, watch our short video.

You can also distribute and use our churchlife.mobi instructions to train congregants and staff.

How is churchlife.mobi different from the Android or iPhone apps?

The majority of churchlife.mobi's functionality is the same as a native app, however, a few features are unavailable. These include:

  • Recording group attendance
  • Receiving push notifications
  • Saving contact information to your mobile device

To learn more, see the churchlife.mobi website.

How do I add churchlife.mobi to my Home screen?

Adding a link to churchlife.mobi on your mobile device's Home screen lets you open and use the website similar to the native application.

To add a churchlife.mobi shortcut (Android)

  1. On your mobile device, open the Chrome browser.

  2. In the Search or type web address field, enter churchlife.mobi.
  3. When the website displays, tap Ellipsis.
  4. Tap Add to Home screen.
  5. In the Add to Home screen field, enter churchlife.mobi, then tap Add.
  6. To manually place your shortcut on the Home Screen, touch and hold the icon, then place it in a convenient spot. Or, tap Add automatically.

To add a churchlife.mobi bookmark (iOS)

  1. On your mobile device, open the Safari app.

  2. In the Search or enter website name field, enter churchlife.mobi, then tap Go.
  3. When the website displays, tap Share.
  4. Tap Add to Home Screen.
  5. Under Add to Home Screen, enter churchlife.mobi, then tap Add. When finished, the link button displays on your Home screen.

How can I mark group attendance?

If you already have the app on your phone, you can continue to use it to mark group attendance. If you use churchlife.mobi, you must mark attendance in Access ACS.

I want to continue using an app. What are my options?

For a seamless church management experience on both desktop computers and mobile devices, Realm and MinistryPlatform include many features you love in ACS along with much more. These solutions have Android and iPhone apps for staff, pastors, and congregants as well.

To learn more about Realm and MinistryPlatform, contact your Ministry Success Manager.