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Add a Website User

Add a user who has permission to edit or administrate a specific website.

Once you've created a website, a Realm administrator can assign individuals permissions to administrate or edit the site. When you add a user, you can send an email that informs them of their new website permissions. If the individual does not already have a Realm profile, they will be prompted to create one from an email.
Note: If the email associated with the website user's Realm profile changes, you must delete and re-add that user.
Refresh website administrators have access to:
  • Website stats
  • Full editing capabilities
  • Content editing
  • Content library
  • Website personalization
  • Blogs
  • Site SEO
  • Republish
  • Site backups
Refresh website editors have access to:
  • Content editing
  • Blogs
  • Republish
    Note: In order to add a website user, the profile must have both a first and last name.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Refresh Websites. Then click Users.
  2. Under the name of the website, click +Add Website User.
  3. Add a website user.
    • To add a user that has already been entered into Realm, enter their name in the Search Realm text box and select it from the drop-down menu.

    • To add a user that has not been entered into Realm, click the Search Realm text box and select Add new user. Then, enter their email address and name.

  4. Select the permission level for the user.
  5. If the user already has a Realm profile, you can select whether to send them an email about their new website permissions.
  6. Click Add user or Add & Send Realm Invite.