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February 8, 2023

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One-Way Text Messaging

Introducing one-way text messaging, a new way of communicating with your church.

If you already use Realm to send Connect Inbox texts, you will need to enable the new one-way text messaging feature by clicking Edit Settings on the Text Messaging page.

Send one-way texts to individuals from Realm. When you enroll in one-way texting, you can send a text from anywhere within Realm where you can normally send an email. This includes group and team rosters, dashboards, queries and pathways.

Choose who can send one-way texts. You can give permissions to individuals within Realm that allow them to send one-way texts. You can do this when you first enroll or later when you edit your one-way text settings.

View one-way text messaging history. Click the My Communications button in the top right corner, select One-Way Texts, and then click See all text history to view a history of all one-way texts sent from Realm. You can view information such as who sent the text, who the text was sent to, and who did or did not receive the text.

Text History