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June 29, 2022

View enhancements and corrections released on June 29, 2022.

Parent/Guardian Oversight

Parent/Guardian Oversight helps parents and guardians stay informed of communications sent to their children from Realm. In this release, administrators can enable the feature for groups, allowing parents and guardians to see content in their children’s groups.

Enable parent/guardian oversight for groups. Administrators and users with permissions can enable parent/guardian oversight at the ministry area level. All groups within the ministry area will automatically have parent/guardian oversight turned on.

Manage parent/guardian oversight for groups. When you enable parent/guardian oversight for a ministry area, group leaders can then turn the features off or on for their group as needed.

Send parents and guardians of children a copy of group communication. When a group leader sends a message to a group that has parent/guardian oversight enabled, the parents and guardians will also receive a copy.

View your children’s groups. On the group page of the Community section, you can now view a list of your groups and a list of your children’s groups by switching between the tabs at the top of the page.

View content for your children’s groups. When the features are enabled for a group, parents and guardians can view and respond to the content created on their children’s group newsfeed and inbox messages. Parents and guardians will receive notifications for these groups and can change notification settings as needed.

View the parents and guardians in a children’s group. You can view a roster of parents and guardians who are participating in their child’s group from the new Parents/Guardians tab on the group page.

iOS and Android Connect App

Parent/Guardian Oversight for groups. In the next app update, parent/guardian oversight features will be available for groups. When this feature is enabled, parents and guardians can:

  • View a list of their children’s groups

  • View and respond to content from their children’s group on their newsfeed

  • View and respond to their children’s inbox messages

  • View a roster of parents and guardians participating in a group

  • Customize notification settings for their children’s groups


Pledges have been re-sorted. On a contributor's Giving History page, pledge progress and completion is sorted by campaign date instead of alphabetically. This is to prevent contributors from having to dig for the most recent past, present, or future campaign that they pledged to.

Giving Emails

Giving history is not necessary. While the tag is still available, you are no longer required to include it within giving receipt emails.

Coming Soon

Realm is getting a new look! This isn't just a face-lift, either. Our development teams are working on the back-end to prepare Realm for upcoming projects that provide you with more tools and solutions. This is the first step that allows us to move forward on those exciting projects that you've been asking for.

We want you to be familiar with the changes before they're released. Here are a few ways you can prepare.
  • Quick overview. See some of the upcoming improvements in the video. (Click the full-screen button in the video window to see it up close.)

  • In-depth look. For a detailed walk-through, check out our webinar recording. If you'd like to attend live and ask questions, register for the webinar on July 21 at 11:00 AM EDT.

    Description of the Realm Webinar - Coming Soon, Realm's New Look!

  • Try it out. Now, you can explore things for yourself! In Realm, we added a demo page where you can see the new ministry hub and menu organization. Click Realm's New Look at the bottom of your current menu to open the demo page in a new tab.

    Image showing the "Realm's New Look" link in the current Realm menu that opens the demo page