What would you like to know more about?

Tips & Tricks

Learn about ways to make your PDS program easier to use.

Change Font Size

Learn to change the font size in your program windows and listing screens.

3 min 1 sec

Edit Dates

Learn quick ways to enter dates and date ranges using cool keyboard shortcuts. Also, learn about date formats.

6 min 1 sec

Edit Remarks

Learn to enter new lines and special characters in general, confidential, and special circumstances remarks.

1 min 51 sec

Save Changes

Learn about when information is saved in your program and how to cancel changes.

4 min 9 sec

Log Changes

Learn to log the reason for significant changes in the User Log, along with when it was done and by whom.

5 min 24 sec

Define User Checkboxes

Learn to track records for your School or Daycare program using the School and Daycare checkboxes — or redefine the checkboxes for your purposes!

4 min 19 sec

Add User Keywords

Learn to add up to 11 program fields to track the information you need on member and personnel records.

4 min 42 sec

Correct a Batch

Learn to correct a problem in a posted batch, like an incorrect year, using the Move Fund Entries process.

4 min 53 sec

Delete a Batch

Learn to delete a batch you've created for payments/donations, eGiving, fees, pledge cards, or terms and rates.

3 min 14 sec

Reprint a Batch Report

Learn to reprint a batch report using the View Batches process.

2 min 51 sec