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Set Up Users and Passwords

After planning user names and passwords, you can set up your organization's users in the program.

  1. On the Administration tab, click Users & Passwords.
  2. At the top, click Add User.
  3. Enter the user information. For details on these fields, see the related topic "Users and Passwords Field Information".
  4. Click Save.

For each user you add, be sure to set access and privileges and select user preferences.

Users and Passwords Field Information

User Name
The unique name a user enters when opening the program. This doesn't have to be the user's full name or real name. For example, Suzanne might want her user name to be "Susie" or "Sue". This is not case-sensitive.
If you require users to have passwords to enter the program, enter it here. A password can be up to ten characters and can contain alphabetic, numeric characters, or a combination of both. Passwords are case-sensitive.
Security Adm
Select Yes to mark the user as a security administrator. At least one person must be the security administrator and have All Access to all program areas. This person is responsible for creating and maintaining all user accounts and resetting other users' forgotten passwords. For this reason, you should also have a backup administrator.
Phone Number
Enter a telephone number where this user can be reached outside of the office. Select Unlisted if this number shouldn't be shared with others.
Inactivate a user account that you might reactivate at a later date. Inactive users can't log in. This can be used, for example, if a user is away on sabbatical.