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11.0D Release

If you're part of the Preferred Client Program, you can download the latest desktop version in the Client Portal.

PDS Formation Office 11.0D, released for desktop 3-21-23 and OnDemand 3-30-23, offers the following enhancements.

New and Improved Features

Improved Data Cleanup
  • We added a new step with a Marital Status Type List at the end of the Clean Up Data process. Each martial status type displays, along with the number of records that contain that status type. This step allows you to clean up any unneeded marital statuses in your data by merging similar types into one of the most common types.

    The Marital Status Type List showing the count and description of each type; you can select what type to change it to

  • We created several worksheets to help you with this process, before you actually process any data.

    • In the first step where you see your family data, click Print Totals Worksheet to view all the cleanup totals related to family, member, and financial information. It also shows each "N=" category.

      Cleanup Totals worksheet showing totals for families and members

    • In the second step where member sacraments are listed, click Print Worksheet to view the counts for each sacrament as well as the total number of types and entries.

      Sacrament List worksheet showing total counts for each sacrament and the total number of sacrament types and entries

    • In the third step where you see financial data, click Print Worksheet to view the amounts for each fund, the number of entries, and all the grand totals.

      Financial List worksheet showing counts and totals for each fund

    • In the final steps where phone types, email types, and marital status types are listed, click Print Worksheet to view the counts for each of these types as well as the total number of types and entries. These worksheets have an "actionable" column that asks you to circle the type you want to change the current ones to. This way, you're ready to when it's time to run the Clean Up Data process!

      Gif showing the Phone Type List, Email Type List, and Marriage Status Type List, which all show the counts for each type


We fixed several issues that were reported internally to our team, as well as the following issues that affected some of our customers:
  • In the Sacramental Register, the wrong record displayed when switching between List View and Field View if the sacrament record was not linked to a member.
  • When running Death Reports from the Sacramental Register, additional selections were not being applied, and all records were printing.
  • Under certain circumstances, the A-through-Z tabs were not displaying properly at the top of Listing Screens.
  • Online registration forms that had been submitted were not displaying during the Check and Register Families with Students process.
  • After running the Class Easy List, an error displayed when trying to select another class using the Select a List button.
  • On the Class Easy List, the Total Count was incorrect.
  • When making selections for the Class Easy List, the Active/Inactive/Both options were missing.
  • When pulling online transactions from Vanco, if you marked an entry, mapped it to an existing family, then clicked a different line, the cursor was moving to unexpected places in the grid. This also happened if you scrolled through names around that family.
  • Under certain circumstances, some sacramental certificates were showing the word "Yes" or "No" in the notation for holy orders or diaconate.