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ACS Release Notes

View new features released on July 19, 2023

Note: ACS People Suite's version is, but ACS Financial Suite's version remains

The Tax Version has changed to 23.07.01.

E-Filing Threshold

The IRS has updated their e-filing requirements.

If you have a combined total of at least 10 forms across your W-2s, 1099s, and 1095s, you must e-file them to meet the IRS's threshold requirement.

State Tax Changes

We've updated state tax tables for Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota, and Utah.


  • When exporting the Customized People Export to Excel, longer parent email addresses were truncated.

  • When updating area codes in mass change, the Preferred Phone and Home Phone fields did not update. This also occurred when adding an area code in mass change.