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Reassigning Envelope Numbers Additional Field Information

Detailed information that could be helpful for the reassigning envelope numbers.

Additional Field Information

Envelope Number Options

  • Starting Number — Enter the first envelope number you want to use.
  • Increment — Enter the increment you want the envelope numbers to increase by. For example, if you only want to use even-numbered envelopes, you would enter a Starting Number of 2 and an Increment of 2.
  • Exclude Numbers in this Range — Select this to exclude a range of numbers from the numbers available for reassignment. Enter the first number of the excluded range in the Starting with field, and enter the last number in the range in the Ending on field.

Record Selection

  • Include Blank Envelope Numbers — Select to assign an envelope number to contributors who currently do not have an envelope number.
  • Include Blank Member Statuses — Select to assign an envelope number to contributors whose member status is blank.
  • Include Deactivated Contributors — Select to include contributors whose Contribution status has been deactivated.
  • Use Last Search Results — Select to assign envelope numbers to those people who are included in your last search results. If an individual does not have a contribution record, ACS will create a contribution record for that person and assign an envelope number. Selecting this option overrides all other settings.

When Reassigning Numbers

  • Replace the current reassigned list with records that match this criteria — Select to replace the current list of envelope assignments with the options you selected above.
  • Add to the current reassigned list with records that match this criteria — Select to add the new envelope assignments to the current reassigned envelope number list. Select this if you are assigning certain ranges of envelope numbers to different groups in your congregation. For example, you could assign one range of envelopes to your Spanish members (envelopes in Spanish), and another group of envelopes to the remainder.
  • Selected Member Statuses — Select the member statuses to include in the envelope number reassignment.
  • Last Run Information — Displays statistical information regarding the Time, Date, and number of Records for the most recent instance that envelope numbers were reassigned.


  • Reassign — Click to reassign envelope numbers.
  • Print Reports — Click to print envelope number reassignment reports.
  • Apply — Click to replace the old envelope numbers with the new envelope numbers. Do not click Apply until you are ready to start using the new envelope numbers. The best time to do this is during your year-end procedures.
  • Clear — Click to clear all current envelope numbers from contributor records.