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Performing Searches in ACS

You can perform a search in ACS.

ACS Searches provides all the tools you need to filter your data to find specific information for use in reports, communications, and extracts. You can perform a search to locate records of organization members with something specific in common.

When you search in ACS, enter your criteria and then process the search. You can view the results immediately after the search is complete. Use the search results to print reports or send out correspondence through mail merge or email. You can also export the search results for use in other programs such as Microsoft Excel®.

  1. Under Searches and Reports, click Searches.
  2. On the Search Information tab, select the appropriate settings.
  3. Enter new search criteria by doing one of the following:
    • Click New Search to enter new search criteria.
    • Click Edit Search to edit existing search criteria.
    • Click Load Criteria to use previously saved search criteria.
  4. Click Process.
  5. View the results of your search on the Results tab.
  6. Select your choice of output from any of the following:
    • Reports
    • Labels
    • People Exports
    • Advanced Export
    • Mail Merge
    • E-mail