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Whether you're just getting started or looking for expertise to support your staff and operations, we offer various paid services. Learn what's available based on the products you're subscribed to.

Setup, Conversion, and Implementation
This is the foundation of building a solution to fit your ministry. Implementation ensures your initial setup, configuration, and data conversion progresses smoothly and that you can find resources to support your objectives. Your sales representative will introduce you to your onboarding team. To speak to your sales representative, call 1-844-467-3256.
Bookkeeping Services
We offer bookkeeping and payroll services, with oversight by James B. Jordan, CPA, LLC. Mr. Jordan has been working with ACS Technologies since its inception. He brings unparalleled expertise and dedication to ministry, serving churches, parishes, and organizations providing denominational oversight. While Realm Accounting is the preferred package, we also support ACS Financials and PDS Ledger/Payroll. Learn more.
Data Services
In addition to data conversion, we can address specific issues such as merging/un-merging databases, deleting or restoring data, or resolving data-related errors. Data services vary based on the product(s) you're using. For services and estimates, call 1-800-669-2509.