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Data, fulfillment, and website services.

Data Services

We can help you address specific issues relating to your data and database files. Here's some of the services we offer:

Data Conversions

Maybe you just purchased one of our products, but don't want to lose the history in your previous software. Let's talk about the data we can convert for you.

Custom Data Manipulation

Have you lost trust in the accuracy of your data? There's many reasons this can happen. Invalid entries, deletions, changes, or staff turnover are just a few. You want to fix these problems, but it's a tedious, manual process your staff doesn't have time for. We can assist... freeing up your time for other ministry needs.

Merging Databases

You've decided you'd like to network your office and combine two or more databases. This task is easier with teamwork. Our team of professionals will assist your staff with merging data and system files.

Version Upgrades

If you're using an older version of our software, but need to upgrade, we can help you update your office.

Data Repair

Power outages and network failures can cause table corruption or even data loss. We can remedy these unfortunate situations by cleaning up data, as needed. Just give us a call.

Share Your Data Files

To share your data files with the Data Services Team, please use the following links:

If you have questions, please email us at data@acstechnologies.com. Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Fulfillment Services

Let us handle your Flex Statement and Charitable Tax Report mailings.

If sending bulk mail is a dreaded chore, you should consider our Fulfillment Service. We can print your statements, stuff them, sort them, and CASS certify them for you. We can handle your bulk mailing needs for you.

Fulfillment Services can help you:

  • Print, stuff, sort, and mail statements Save money by combining orders for a lower postage rate.

  • Eliminate the need to purchase statement materials.

  • Conserve staff time for other projects.

To learn more, call 1-800-669-2509, Option 3 and then Option 1. Click to upload fulfillment files.

Webmaster Services

Refresh Website subscribers request webmaster services here.