March 9, 2022

View enhancements and corrections released on March 9, 2022.

Pledge Forms

Select accent colors that work best with your pledge form. When you select either a light or dark themed pledge form, some accent colors may not display as clearly as others on the pledge form. We've included an alert that lets you know if a color combination may be difficult for contributors to discern.

Pledge forms have gotten a face lift. Contributors will see the following design updates to pledge forms:
  • The Amount field displays larger numbers to give contributors a better idea of where to start.
  • We've enclosed the Start Date, End Date, Name, and Email fields to better indicate that they are clickable.

See a summary of your pledge. The pledge summary displays at the bottom of the pledge form and differentiates the amount pledged per installment versus the total amount expected at the end of the pledge period.

iOS Connect App

View the new account section in the More menu. In the next iOS update, the More menu now includes a new account section that you can access by tapping your profile picture in the top left corner. There, you’ll find options for My Profile, Manage Account, Notification Settings, and Sign Out.

Manage your Realm account. In the next iOS update, you can manage your Realm account by tapping your profile picture in the More menu, then tapping Manage Account. This is coming soon for Android!

Customize the bottom menu. In the next iOS update, you can customize which menu options appear in the bottom menu. The default is currently News, Communication, Events, and Giving. But, if for example, you'd prefer to see the Directory there instead of one of the default options, you can customize it!